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Land on the Canyon

My first and unforgettable Helicopter Experience – Grand Canyon

I’ll start by saying, best experience ever!!! I am afraid of highs and to be honest, helicopters has never been my thing… but the Grand Canyon has to be experience from the sky!!! I have done some research online before deciding which company I should select and I found a ...
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Main Hotel Building

The most romantic place in Coimbra – Hotel Quinta das Lágrimas

I will start by saying that this hotel is my favorite in Coimbra. Part of the Small Luxury Hotels of the World, there's so much history in this place that even if I wrote 20 posts I wouldn't probably cover half of it... This was the site of one of ...
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Just Believe :)

36 Hours in New York

All of us have dreams and mine since childhood was to go to New York, the city that never sleeps!!! I was travelling with work to another state in America and the opportunity was presented to me when I was told, if you want spend a couple of days in ...
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