coimbraJust a girl around the world  🙂

I am a Portuguese girl that moved to the UK about 4 years ago and since then not even the sky is the limit for me!

I get to travel around with my job, great thing right? 🙂 

I decided to create the blog so I could share my experience and give some tips to others that as me that spend a lot of time away from home! I don’t know about you but I already had big deceptions when booking hotels based on the Booking classification and there’s no worst thing then being away and not get a proper night of sleep, not eating good food, not have a good time while travelling…

I’ll write about my experiences and I hope that everyone can enjoy’s!

Travel with work can be fun, you get to know all this places almost for free and that’s great! 😉

Love my travels and I am very grateful for all my experiences!

The Business Traveler