The most romantic place in Coimbra – Hotel Quinta das Lágrimas

Main Hotel Building


I will start by saying that this hotel is my favorite in Coimbra.

Part of the Small Luxury Hotels of the World, there’s so much history in this place that even if I wrote 20 posts I wouldn’t probably cover half of it…

This was the site of one of the most beautiful love stories of all times that ended in a tragic way – the Love of Prince Pedro and Inês de Castro – Quinta das Lágrimas was the secret place and their happy place till one day…

If you want to surprise your better half, this is such a romantic place with beautiful accommodations, the gardens are amazing, golf course , restaurant, Spa and an amazing outdoor swimming pool perfect for these hot days!

I spent a day here with my girls, let me tell you all about it… 

We started the day with a 30 minutes massage ( they can do up 2 persons at the same time) followed by an amazing lunch at the Arcadas Restaurant, was like 30 degrees so the lunch was outside and the environment,the food and quietness here is something… 

Here’s the menu



The starter

(OMG, this was spectacular) 

Pastry with Cheese and Red Fruits


The food is superb, I had the grilled Streak fish and my friend the Cozido à Portuguesa ( this is a very typical Portuguese dish, consists of potatoes, different meats and sausages , vegetables and in some regions they add white boiled rice as well) , it’s a heavy plate but fantastic!!!

Raia a Lagareiro Cozido a Portuguesa



Lime and Lemon Crepe

Was a full house served with a fantastic white wine and five stars service, if I would to rate the service and the food I would give 5 stars!!!


…and we finished our treat by the outdoor swimming pool (give a try to the Champagne Sangria, you won’t regret).

Swimming Pool Champagne Sangria


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