The Four Winds Restaurant

Sirloin Steak

I have been hearing about Four Winds for a long time but to be honest the opportunity to visit never raised till last Sunday.

I always heard that the views towards Belfast were amazing and the Grill was very good quality, so let me tell you my experience…

There was no reservation and the restaurant was not busy at all when I walked still I waited about 10m to be seated ( the organization was not very good I have to say…), moving on… On Sundays seems that although the Grill is open the Steaks selection is not available, they have a special Sunday menu that includes Sirloin Steak only (just a heads up).

I was anger for a good Steak so I asked if the T-Bone or the Rib Eye Steak could be an option as I wasn’t aware of the Special Sunday menu…  These steaks were available but with an extra charge of £7 which I have o say was a little ridiculous but anyway, Four Winds do the rules not me…

I ordered Fried Pan Squid and what a marvelous choice I made… Best Squid starter that I had so far in Belfast, was so tasty and cooked at perfection!!! Loved it, this should be a main course…



Squid - Starter


The main was of course a Steak, the Sirloin Steak with Chunky Potatoes fried in Duck fat along with Pepper Sauce.  The Steak was good, the chunky potatoes are not really but cup of tea but the Pepper sauce I have to say that again probably one of the best one’s that I ever had.


Sirloin Steak


My experience was good in general but if you go to a Grill that is “famous” for the Steaks and you get there and the Steaks are not available or are available with a £7 extra charge, would you be happy? There’s no reference to this either in the website or the Facebook page…. 


Some pic of the restaurant below :

Inside to outside views Inside


Price :  £25-£40 pp

Location : 111 Newton Park, Belfast

Website :

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